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Volunteer descriptions (jobs away from a meet)

Senior meet organizer

  • Figure out which swimmers are in their last season.
  • Hand list to apparel person so she can order monogrammed towels
  • Email senior parents to 1) make a poster for display for senior meet and 2) write up a goodbye letter to be read after meet is finished
  • Call florist to order bouquets for seniors
  • Make crowns
  • Make sashes

Buddy coordinator

  • pair up the younger swimmers with an older buddy. There should be an opening getting to know you event at the first pep rally of the season. 
  • Throughout the season, you need to monitor the program to make sure there is reasonable participation, and to see that any swimmers who move up from pre-team get paired with a buddy as needed.

Pre-team Coordinator

The Pre-Team Coordinator is in charge of all aspects of pre-team. The main aspects include assisting the Head Coach with assessments to start the season, taking daily attendance throughout the season, ensuring the pre-team coaches are ready at the start of each practice session, and running Fun Fest on Thursday morning following the last B meet. There is a manual that goes with the position to answer many questions that come up throughout the season.

Team program

The responsibilities include gathering photos of the team, volunteers, coaches, etc. In addition, you must gather certain information including: coaches biographies, team records, team statistics, senior profiles, etc. Once all of the pictures and information are gathered, the material must be put into an electronic document that looks like a brochure/program that can be distributed to the team. This is distributed electronically to everyone, so the volunteer must be able to access a system like dropbox for distribution as it is too large to e-mail. Finally, the program must be printed in color and bound for delivery to each of the seniors.

Social Events/Team Functions

  • Photography and Slide Show: Photos of meets, pep rallies and team artistry in and out of the water have for the last couple of years been taken by parent volunteers.. These photos are compiled in a season-end slide show projected at the banquet.
  • Sportswear and Spirit Gear: This project starts in the spring, with parent volunteers looking for eciting ways to update our traditional gear, like towels, caps, t-shirts, and more.
  • Friday morning team breakfasts: After the morning practice on Fridays during the season, volunteers provide a quick breakfast of bagels and juice. Volunteers needed to prep the food.
  • Friday night pep rallies: The night before the A-meets, we hold pep rallies at the pool. The seniors pick a theme, and the kids plan how to meet it. Then the evening starts with spaghetti and meatballs for the kids, and includes socializing for the adults on the deck. Please remember, no glass containers or bottles at the pool!


The swim team banquet is held the Saturday night after divisionals every year. Held at the pool, the evening celebrates our swimmers, coaches, and all of you who help make the season a success. We need some help collecting tickets at the door and setting up our modest decorations, and picking up cakes for dessert, so look for those jobs. Also, we prepare a banquet program. If you have writing/editing skills, please speak up!

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