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Buddies--some tips

Welcome to being a buddy (or the parent of a buddy)! It’s a Woodley tradition to pair up our younger swimmers with older swimmers to foster friendships and bring the entire team together. It's all about cheering for your new friend, making posters, and ... CANDY!


  • Learn your buddy’s candy preferences, and whether they have any allergies
  • Remember chocolate melts!
  • Decide when you want to exchange posters... pep rally? A meet? or B meet?
  • For items to put on the poster or in a small gift bag, think fun trinkets like bubbles, slime, pom-poms, friendship bracelets, etc. 
  • Woodley merch is always great... WG stickers, WG magnets, WG temporary tattoos!
  • 5 Below and the Dollar Tree are great places for inexpensive candy and little items 
  • The best type of buddy is one who makes an effort. If you can’t be there for the reveal, let the buddy coordinators know and once revealed try to let your buddy know if you’re not going to be at a meet.

For little buddies

  • Cheer on your buddy during races
  • Ask your big buddy to be legs once you’re legal in backstroke     

For big buddies

  • Cheer on your buddy during races
  • Ask your buddy if they need legs. Offer first, because they might be too shy to ask.
  • Be a team resource for your little buddy (and their parents, too) for questions about meets, cheers, etc.

Banquet presents

Traditionally, at the end of season banquet, big and little buddies exchange a little gift. Maybe it's more candy, some Woodley merch, a water bottle, homemade cookies, or a Carmen's gift card. Be creative, have fun with it! 

Most of all:

*Have fun – it's all about cheering the person on*

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