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Ripples program

Woodley Waves has an active pre-team program. These little Ripples are typically 4-7 years old and are not quite ready to swim multiple lengths of the well yet.

Evaluations for the Ripples will be on Monday June 3 at 5:00 PM. Regular practices will begin on Tuesday June 6 and continue through the end of the season.

Preteam practice schedule (beginning with PM evaluations on Monday, June 3):

Before school lets out

(June 3 - June 14)

PM - 5:00-5:40, Monday-Thursday

After school lets out:

(June 17 and after)

AM - 10-10:45, Monday-Friday

PM - 5:00-5:40, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday


1. Float for five seconds on your stomach with face in the water.
2. Swim 3-4 meters without touching the bottom in the kid's section (any stroke). 

Based on the evaluations, Ripples will be divided into three different skill level groups. Alterations based on individual skill level and group sizes will be made throughout the season. (Note – the focus of the Ripples program is on learning the proper strokes for a sustained period of time, not just the ability to swim across the pool.)

For all practices, there will be swim coaches assigned to each group and a Pre-Team Coordinator (parent volunteer) on-site. Parents/Guardians should ensure they check in with the Pre-Team Coordinator upon arrival. 

Pre-team practice is not a drop-off event. It is important that an adult responsible for your child be on-site during practice. Weather is unpredictable as are restroom needs so a designated adult must be available to tend to your child in these circumstances.

Ripples families are invited to participate in all swim team events and activities. Although there are no specific volunteer requirements for pre-team parents, we do encourage you to get involved and get to know other families in our community.

A Funfest specially designed for our young Ripples swimmers will be held in July. The Funfest includes races and fun tailored just for them.

For more information, check out our Ripples FAQs written by parents for parents: read this page

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